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A Printer With A Heart

Jon Melzer, general manager of Print Promotions Plus. Photo by Chris Sloan

(COLTON, Calif.) It only takes a brief conversation with Jon Melzer to understand the compassion and commitment he has to helping others better their circumstances, in whatever way he can.

Jon is the general manager of Print Promotions Plus, a family owned printing business, based in the Inland Empire. With 27 years of printing experience, Jon believes that it is his duty as a company and individual to give back, especially during such difficult economic times.


Printing Green

Brian Melzer, Print & Promotion Plus production manager hard at work providing consumers with eco-friendly printing solutions Photo by Chris Sloan

(COLTON, Calif.) It seems every decision to communicate in our world today impacts the environment. Regardless if you label it as “going green” or you use the term “eco-friendly”, the desired result is the same – doing what we can to keep our planet habitable for future generations.

Our society has blazed a trail into the digital age, accompanied by a high turnover in electronic gadgetry. As a result, it is increasingly important that environmentally smart choices are made by businesses in their daily operations.