Zombie Tattoo

“My husband was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his right kidney. We were told that it needs to be removed within a month so that we can make sure nothing spreads to other parts of his body. The tumor has been there for five years, and Joe had no symptoms until September 20th of this year. We have a surgery appointment for OCtober 20th. Due to no insurance, our total bill is $38,000. We have to pay $22,800 in full before they will do the surgery. We are having this event to raise money so that we can get this done on October 20th. Please come support this cause. THere will be Food, music, face painting, jumpers, raffle, $100 3×3 tattoos all day long. Please come and have a good time with your family. All donations will go toward Joe Chavez surgery which is scheduled for October 20th. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Click on Link below to hear our story” -Brittany Marie Chavez